Place Montreal Trust
Whether you are coming to Montreal on business or vacation, the city has a wide range of attractions and a diversity of accommodations. Bed and Breakfast as well as Hotels and motels are found not only in the downtown core but  also found scattered on the island. Refer to my links section for Bed and Breakfast or Hotel accommodations. In the summer during the Grand Prix and the Montreal Jazz Festival, followed by The Comedy Festival the occupancy rate skyrockets so it is suggested that you reserve ahead of time, major hotels and bed and breakfast hotels are fully occupied. The Montreal Official Tourist Information Web Site is a good site for an overview of Montreal .
Some of its contents:
A calender of attractions , links to hotels and bed and breakfasts, residences, youth hostels and out of town resorts.
A planning guide is there to help organizers of conventions, business meetings and pleasure trips.
Check out the links and if you find any better ones please e-mail me from my home page